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Excellence in Service

Soha Groups, just as the name suggests, is more than an asset based transportation company. We have secured direct contracts with numerous carefully selected verified owner operators and agents

Supply Chain Management

The Soha Groups team of experts are eager to assist you and simplify your supply chain management. Our trained professionals can help you save time and money, by matching your shipping needs with the proper transportation equipment and carrier in the most efficient way, for most competitive pricing and shipping options. We negotiate rates with carriers to match your needs!


We provide personalized support to each customer and real-time shipment monitoring, using the latest technology. In the event of a claim, we attempt to mediate claims.

Effective Contracting

We have proven effectiveness in our contractual relationships with our allied carriers, many of which began well before the start of Varstar Alliance.

Mutual Dependability

Because of the long-term relationship of mutual dependability built with our allied carriers over the years, we stand by their transportation services just as if they were all our company’s direct associates and employees. As such, we take pride in their performance!


We choose to relieve our shippers of their worries and burdens such as: tracing and tracking, obtaining a POD, overage/shortage/rejection and damages, improperly routed shipments, etc. Our continuous communication with the carriers enables us to get quick answers and find best solutions to the issues that may typically frustrate the busy shipper.       

What sets us apart

Support You'll Get

Load Tracing

Check the status and track the location of your freight shipment in real time.​


View permits, certifications, insurance information and more.

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